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Want to get into Big Data but don’t know where to start?

There is so much information out there. You simply do not know where to start. Don’t blame yourself! It is very confusing.
The following articles will give you all the basics you need to know. Big Data will no longer be a mystery.

The Big Data Checklist
In my opinion my Big Data Checklist is a total must read. You will not find anything like it on the internet. I created a simple Excel sheet for you, where you have to answer a few questions and it will tell you if this is big data. Or not 😉

The Brutally Honest Truth About Learning Big Data
Why was Big Data and especially the tools been invented

Mastering Big Data With Distributed Processing
How does distributed processing work explained with MapReduce

How Everybody Can Harvest The Power Of Big Data
How you can leverage the power of in memory computing with Apache Spark. Even on your Laptop

How to leverage the full potential of Data Science and Big Data

The above articles showed you the basics. The following articles will show you all the tools you need in your arsenal to properly do Data Science.

7 Super Simple Steps From Idea To Successful Data Science Project
Having a great idea for a data science project is only the beginning. The execution is all that matters. This article is about the seven steps I learned over the year that will really help you.

Is Learning Spark a Success Guarantee For Data Scientists
Learning Spark is not everything. Data Scientists need another quality: Collaboration with Solution Architects

How to Create New and Exciting Big Data Aided Products
Stream and batch processing will help you to create totally new products and services. This article is about Netflix. Find out how they use stream and batch processing to deliver great services and drive product development.

Don’t Waste Your Time On A Doomed Big Data Job
How to spot fake Big Data and Data Science jobs. Avoid wasting your precious time.

The Perfect Big Data Platform – My Blueprint
My blueprint shows you how simple a great big data platform can be. A platform that can fulfil all your needs to do Data Science.

What is Hadoop And Why Is It So Freakishly Popular?
Everybody is talking about Hadoop. But Hadoop is more than just a tool for storing and analysing data.

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